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Plaie du tendon d’Achille: technique chirurgicale mini-invasive

Hassane Zejjari
Khalid Rachid


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The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. It was in 1883 that Pollailon described first surgical intervention inaugurating the era of surgical treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures. "Open surgical" repair appears to be the surest way for ensuring a solid contact of the ends, allowing a satisfactory cicatrization and restoring an optimal length of the tendon from a biomechanical point of view. We report an image illustrating the surgical steps of a personal, mini-invasive technique inspired by a review of literature. We present the case of a 24 year-old patient with Achilles tendon rupture due to a stab. The surgical technique involved framework suture, allowing surgical coaptation of both tendon ends. Two nonabsorbable wires were horizontally, percutaneously inserted on each side of the rupture and then pulled out through the horizontal incision with a blunt hook. The wire was tighten, the ankle was in equinus. Good surgical exploration to both tendon ends was performed through the wound without having to enlarge it. This technique allows to benefit from surgical treatment avoiding the risks of traditional surgery.

Key words: Achilles tendon, minimally invasive surgery, Morocco

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eISSN: 1937-8688