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Fibrome non ossifiant à localisation rare à propos d’un cas

Adil El Alaoui, Ilyas Rabhi


The case presented here describes a 26 year old female, with no significant past medical history, experiencing, over a period of two months, pains located at the level of the proximal part of the right humerus radiating to the shoulder. She was afebrile and without any further deterioration. Clinical examination showed swelling of the external face of the left arm, painful to palpation, without signs of inflammation. X-rays and computed tomography of the humerus objectified a patchy osteolytic image at the level of the proximal third with fracture of the inner cortical (A, B). An evaluation of the extent of loco-regional recurrence and distant metastasis did not show other locations. The patient initially received a tumor biopsy. The diagnosis was benign nonossifying fibroma; then, in a second phase, she received tumor resection associated with synthesis with locked nail and vacuum cement filling (C).

Pan African Medical Journal 2016; 23
AJOL African Journals Online