Corps étranger intra vésical: un cas exceptionnel

  • Younes Essatara
  • Hicham Benazzouz


Many articles in the medical literature report some cases of foreign bodies introduced into the urogenital system. Most cases are related to psychiatric disorders, stories of drug addiction or the purpose of sexual stimulation. The urinary bladder seems to be an inaccessible site for the introduction of foreign bodies, particularly in the male; however, almost every conceivable object has been inserted into the bladder through the urethra and each one posed particular diagnostic and therapeutic problems. Case presentation A girl of 19 years presented to the emergency department saying she had introduced a coloured pencil at meatus level for erotic purpose 7 days before. The patient was conscious, lucid, had haematuria and hypogastric pain. During clinical examination the pencil was not found at meatus level and the patient showed no evidence of hematuria or abdominal contracture. For the purposes of diagnosis, urinary tract without preparation objectified linear opacity recalling the shape of a pencil projecting over the bladder area; bladder ultrasound after bladder filling showed a hyperechoic intravesical image, confirmed by CT scan, highlighting the pencil with tipped hyperdense longitudinal aspect at its end. Cystoscopy performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes allowed to find the pencil, to confirm urethral and bladder integrity and to remove the foreign body. The patient was referred for a psychiatric opinion as well as for medical treatment.

Pan African Medical Journal 2016; 23

Author Biographies

Younes Essatara
Clinique Urologique A, CHU IBN Sina, Rabat, Maroc
Hicham Benazzouz
Clinique Urologique A, CHU IBN Sina, Rabat, Maroc