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Paraneoplastic syndromes revealing ovarian teratoma in young and menopausal women: report of two cases

Majdouline Boujoual
Ihsan Hakimi
Farid Kassidi
Youssef Akhoudad
Nawal Sahel
Adil Rkiouak
Mohamed Allaoui
Hafsa Chahdi
Mohamed Oukabli
Jaouad Kouach
Driss Rahali Moussaoui
Mohamed Dehayni


Paraneoplastic syndromes are a heterogeneous group of clinical and biological manifestations caused by underling neoplasms. They can reveal ovarian teratoma which express neuroendocrine proteins, or contain mature or immature neural tissue inducing an autoimmune response. The etiological investigation is then crucial to early identification of the tumor in order to optimize the prognosis and to limit neurological sequelae. In case of ovarian teratoma, management is essentially based on surgical resection sometimes associated with immunotherapie. We report two new cases of ovarian teratoma revealed by paraneoplastic syndromes in young and menopausal woman.

The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;24