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Kounis syndrome induced by oral intake of aspirin: case report and literature review

Abdelkader Jalil El Hangouche, Ouiame Lamliki, Latifa Oukerraj, Taoufiq Dakka, Nawal Doghmi, Jamila Zarzur, Mohammed Cherti


The Kounis-Zavras syndrome is defined as the coincidental occurrence of acute coronary events and hypersensitivity reactions following an allergic reaction including a mast-cell degranulation of vasospastic mediators. This report describes a case of Kounis-Zavras syndrome in the setting of aspirin-induced asthma also known as Samter-Beer triad combining nasal polyps, asthma, and aspirin allergy leading to vasospasm and myocardial infarction. All physicians should be aware of The Kounis syndrome and always keep that unique clinical entity in mind to recognize it promptly and direct the therapy at suppressing the allergic reaction.

Keywords: Kounis, zavras syndrome, samter´s triad, myocardial infarction, aspirin allergy, coronary spasm
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