Polygynous Muslim Marriages in South Africa: Their Potential Impact on the Incidence of HIV/AIDS

  • N Moosa


This article examines whether there is any relationship between the institution of polygynous marriages in Islam and the incidence or spread of the disease. It is suggested that, while polygyny may be a contributing factor, it is not the institution of marriage per se that relates to the disease (although the prospect of greater infection intra marriage must be present in polygynous marriages, if the husband is the infecting party), but the conduct of the parties to the marriage relationship, whatever its nature.
The focus and thrust lies with the institution of polygyny in Islam, the South African response to polygyny, the (potential) impact of polygyny on the incidence of AIDS, and the contribution that both an informed approach to HIV and an enlightened approach to the application of Islamic values could or would have on the limitation of the disease's spread.

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eISSN: 1727-3781