Genesis 37: 25 29 And Its Offered Challenges In The 21st Century Human Trafficking Experiences In Nigeria

  • TA Aluko


The paper will be looking at issues from the biblical perspective as it relates to trafficking given the setting in Genesis 37 where Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery. The preceding experience was the first recorded instance of one being sent into slavery not as a result of war scenario but because his brothers actually wanted to get rid of him. The paper will however be bringing to light the women experience which has received global attention and we shall be looking at the reasons that have successfully made our women victims of trafficking by drawing from the Nigerian experience. Consequent upon that, we shall be drawing on the effects of the act on the victims and we shall thereafter proffer solutions as to how to redeem the situation with a view of restoring dignity back to humanity in the 21st century respectively.

International Journal of Policy and Development Studies Vol. 3 2007: pp. 77-88

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eISSN: 0795-0632