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Vector lattice covers of ideals and bands in Pre-Riesz spaces

Anke Kalauch, Helena Malinowski


Pre-Riesz spaces are ordered vector spaces which can be order densely embedded into vector lattices, their so-called vector lattice covers. Given a vector lattice cover Y for a pre-Riesz space X, we address the question how to find vector lattice covers for subspaces of X, such as ideals and bands. We provide conditions such that for a directed ideal I in X its smallest extension ideal in Y is a vector lattice cover. We show a criterion for bands in X and their extension bands in Y as well. Moreover, we state properties of ideals and bands in X which are generated by sets, and of their extensions in Y .

Key words: Order ideal, band, pre-Riesz space, ordered vector space, vector lattice cover, order dense, extension ideal, extension band, pervasive.

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