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Colouring games based on autotopisms of Latin hyper-rectangles

Stephan Dominique Andres, Raul M. Falcón


Every partial colouring of a Hamming graph is uniquely related to a partial Latin hyper-rectangle. In this paper we introduce the Θ-stabilized (a, b)- colouring game for Hamming graphs, a variant of the (a, b)-colouring game so that each move must respect a given autotopism Θ of the resulting partial Latin hyperrectangle. We examine the complexity of this variant by means of its chromatic number. We focus in particular on the bi-dimensional case, for which the game is played on the Cartesian product of two complete graphs, and also on the hypercube case.

Key words: Graph colouring game, partial Latin square, autotopism.

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