L'indexation alphabétique des matières pour un système unifié

  • Mahmoud Sari


Document indexation is an intellectual operation that needs in any encyclopedical library the application of normalised rules. The scope of its application is well defined as well as its form and functions. It permits to know precisely the content of the subject main topic. It is structured either in key-words or under theme from a geographical, chronological localisation or from the form through a proper punctuation. The indexer guides the user in his bibliographical research through foot notes . In order to keep a condinuous coherence of topics in the catalogue., indexation service has to create its own authority list in a rigorous documentary language like that of a macro - the saurus. Finally, and in order to avoid linguistic dichotomy it is necessary to intersperse document lists in Arabic and foreign languages so that it would be possible to obtain a unified alphabetical catalogue.

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eISSN: 1111-0015