Otologic surgery training in a rural Ethiopian community

  • Miriam Redleaf
  • Nega Kiros Hagos
  • Girma Tessema
  • Yilikal Zemene Tassew
  • Hanna Hailu Redleaf
Keywords: Ear, Developing Countries, Hospitals, rural


Despite the large number of people needing ear surgery on the African continent, otologic (ear) surgeries are few. However, safe and effective otologic surgeries are attainable via rural Ethiopian otologic surgical camps which also provide training to Ethiopian surgeons: Operations and operative results: A total of 137 otologic surgeries were performed during 4 weeklong surgical camps at a rural hospital in Butajira, Ethiopia. Most patients had large, central perforations, 94% of the operations were under local anesthesia, 26 patients from the first week’s camp returned for follow-up testing. There were no complications of surgery, 83% of perforations closed completely, and 69% patients had improved hearing measured by pure tone air and bone audiometry. Trainees’ experience: A total of 9 Ethiopian ENT surgeons who had previously lacked operative experience as the primary surgeon performed these operations. Three were already in practice, and 6 were recent graduates. All 3 senior Ethiopian doctors returned to their local sites and now perform otologic surgery there.

Keywords: Ear, Developing Countries, Hospitals, rural


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print ISSN: 2305-2678