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Quality assessment of petroleum fractions from road side vendors and illegal refineries in Delta state

K.O. Monago
C. Otobrise
O.O. Emoyan


The levels of adulteration in Petroleum fractions of petrol (PMS), kerosene (DPK) and diesel (AGO) was studied. Samples were collected from road side vendors “black market” at Sapele and from two illegal refineries at Isaba and Bomadi. They were analysed for density at 150C, specific gravity at 600F, API gravity, Reid vapour pressure, kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, gum content, cloud point, pour point, flash point, auto distillation and moisture content, using standard procedures of the ASTM. The results were compared with limits set by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Nigeria. The physio-chemical properties of PMS from DPR limits ranged between 4.83-6.76% for density at 150C; 1.85-3.32% for specific gravity at 600F; -10.68- -5.95% for API gravity; 33.33-300% for Reid vapour pressure; -41.00- -23.00% for kinematic viscosity; -35.71- -15.71% for dynamic viscosity; -75.00- -40.00% for cloud point and <1% for flash point. The deviations of the same properties for DPK samples ranged between -0.12-0.86%; -1.09-0.12%; -2.84-1.77%; <1%; -33.00- -31.50%; -31.88- -29.88%; -130.00- -90.00% and -4.00-44.00%. Whereas the deviations of the same properties for AGO samples ranged between 4.39-6.59%;  0.78-3.01%; -8.95-3.19%; <1%; -18.67-55.00%; -19.62-56.54%; -87.50- -75.00% and -40.00-48.89%. It was concluded that the fraction were significantly adulterated.

Key Words: Petroleum fractions, adulteration, black market, illegal refineries.

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