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Terrestrial radiation level in selected asphalt plants in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

G.O. Avwiri, F.U. Nte, A.I. Olanrewaju


An environmental radiation survey in asphalt processing plants in Rivers State was been carried out using a well calibrated Radalert survey meter. Measurements were carried out in four different locations of asphalt processing plants at different strategic points. Measured average values of 0.0223 ± 0.0017 mR/hr, 0.0225 ± 0.0023 mR/hr, 0.0180 ± 0.0030 mR/hr and 0.0189 ± 0.0009 mR/hr respectively were recorded. These results revealed the average doses equivalent obtained are higher than the safe radiation limit of (≤) 20mSv/yr recommended by UNSCEAR. The radiation level within these facilities in the plants is significantly higher than the standard background radiation level. Therefore the results show significant radiological risk.

Keywords: Effective dose, natural radioactivity, asphalt

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