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A client trusted security framework for dependable cloud computing

D.A. Oyemade, D Allenotor, A.A. Ojugo


Cloud computing is a relatively new technology that is in wide use because of the benefits it offers, but is still confronted with security issues. The residence of the client’s sensitive or proprietary data in the cloud service provider’s server and premises expose the data to the possibility of manipulation, modification, inspection, deletion or theft. This possibility creates fear in the mind of the data owner and reduces the user’s trust level in cloud computing. We propose a client trusted security framework to increase users trust level in cloud computing to make it more dependable. The proposed framework includes a user focused software process model for cloud computing security. A formal analysis of the proposed framework shows that it is capable of increasing the trust level of cloud computing by about 67 % when implemented by cloud service providers.

Keywords: cloud computing, users trust, framework, model, cloud

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