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Design and fabrication of dried coconut oil expeller

M.O. Eruotor, K.O. Ojo


This paper aims on design and fabrication of dried coconut oil expeller, to check and apply for dried coconut oil process in Nigeria. Segmented - screw, helical ribs with stationary pegs fitted to the screw barrel facilitate forward movement of material without clogging and generating heat. A movable pressure core fitted at the discharge end provides sufficient pressure inside the screw barrel.

Optimum performance of the expeller was at 33.6RPM of the screw shaft and 10 - 12 litres of dried coconut oil in an hour with a 60% oil yield was realized .The machine can be efficient and easy to operate and maintain .The oil extracted has various applications in food, medicine and industry. Since the expeller is operated by a single - phase ZHP motor, it can be used to produce dried quality coconut oil at cottage level as a means of self employment .Due to simplicity of the expeller, it can be fabricated in a medium level workshop .The machine may be applied to milling other types of nuts by using appropriate meshes which this design facilitates.

Keywords: Dried coconut oil Expeller, design, constraints, objective functions, Thrust Ball Bearing, worms, Ansys, Pro-E

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