Analysis of aeromagnetic data for mapping of linear structures: a case study of Igabi, Basement Complex of Nigeria

  • V.C. Ozebo
  • C.K. Edoziem
Keywords: Basement complex, lineament, Younger granite, aeromagnetic, Euler deconvolution


Analysis of aeromagnetic data over Igabi, Kaduna state, which is part of the Basement Complex of Nigeria, was carried out to highlight linear structures, and to infer the effects of such features on regional groundwater, solid mineral availability, as well as hydrocarbon potential. The study area lies within latitudes 100 33’ - 100 35’ N and longitudes 7 0 26’ - 7 0 46’ E, and it is located in the Younger Granite Province, known to be characterized by granitic plutonism, igneous intrusion and magmatism. Data was processed using Oasis Montaj software and ArcGIS. Structural trend characteristics of the study area, and depth to basement of magnetic anomalies were highlighted using the Euler deconvolution methods. Deconvolution of aeromagnetic profiles, were utilized to determine the depth to magnetic sources. These depths were found to range from (0 – 3000m). The study area was found to be characterized by major and minor faults, with a dextral movement in the N-E, N-W and S-E directions. Predominant lineament trends were also observed to be in the N-E, and S-W directions. Areas overlain by a major crossover of lineaments implying the presence of a weak zone was found to correspond to areas with low magnetic intensities on the residual aeromagnetic field map of the study area. These were suggested as regions for possible groundwater targeting. Findings suggested that study area is also good for mineral prospecting, but not favorable for hydrocarbon prospecting.

Keywords: Basement complex, lineament, Younger granite, aeromagnetic, Euler deconvolution


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eISSN: 1118-1931
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