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Petrophysical properties and volume estimation of hydrocarbon resources in x field, onshore niger delta: A reservoir characterization study

E.G. Maju-Oyovwikowhe
E.J. Ighodaro


A reservoir characterization study was conducted on three wells located in X Field, situated in the Onshore region of the Niger Delta. A suite of  conventional digital well logs was utilized to identify hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs, determine reservoir petrophysical parameters, and infer the depositional environment. The study delineated four hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs, labeled A, B, C, and D, with porosity estimates ranging from 25% to  27%, and permeability values varying from 1863.22md to 2759.78md. These results suggest that the reservoirs have good storage capacity and permit  free flow of fluids, consistent with prior research in the Niger Delta. The water saturation values, ranging from 43% to 70% for Well X and 53% to 94% for  Well Y, indicate the presence of significant hydrocarbon in reservoir C, while Well Z did not contain any hydrocarbon. The estimation of oil and gas  resources indicated that Well X contains 1.11 X 105 barrels/acre of oil and 5.16 X 107 cubic feet/acre of gas, while Well Y contains 4.43 X 106 cubic feet of  gas. The analysis of the volume of shale (0.15-0.19) revealed that the reservoirs range from slightly shaly sand to shaly sand. Based on the log motifs, the  study suggests that the reservoirs are mainly fluvial channel deposits, and the rapid alternation of thin beds of sand and shale indicates deposits of delta  progradation and river floodplain deposits.

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