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An analysis of perceived prominent decision making areas in commercial Springbuck (<i>Antidorcas marsupialis</i>) production decision making

FS Lategan
P du P van Niekerk


The development of the highly individualistic commercial springbuck (Antidorcas
marsupialis) production systems and the resulting growth in the commercial value of
the springbuck has opened a new realm of game management decision making. These
relatively undomesticated production systems demand sophisticated technical and preference decisions in an effort to reconcile ecological, commercial and management principles and practices into efficient production units. This paper endeavours to identify and define the relative prominence of different decision making areas in commercial springbuck production decision making, using qualitative and quantitative techniques associated with phenomenological studies. Overall indications are that a clear understanding exists that different challenges (of achieving perceived optimum efficiency) attract different sets of decisions. The array of decision making areas subjectively associated with the achievement of perceived optimum efficiency suggests the complexity of the decision making process
in commercial springbuck production systems. A major need for research and information generation and distribution (extension) concerning the effects of herd structure and management on commercial springbuck production is identified.

Keywords: Game ranch management, decision making, risk perception,

South African Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol. 36 (1) 2007: pp. 249-268
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eISSN: 2413-3221
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