Process model to implement organisational team sport interventions in an organisation

  • YT Joubert
  • JJ De Beer
Keywords: Organisational team sport for employees, Implementation process model, Communication, Productivity


A number of studies have been conducted on the benefits that organisational team sport interventions have for the employees and the organisation, but no formal studies were conducted on the implementation of these interventions in an organisation. The purpose of this research was to compile a process model for the implementation of organisational team sport at organisations. The qualitative exploration study was conducted with 63 sports participants and nine sports coordinators from nine different financial organisations in the Gauteng region. The data were collected by means of focus groups and individual interviews. The results indicate that the implementation process starts where top management initiates sporting activities and makes the employees aware of sporting events. The employees need to be informed through induction, presentations, electronic mail, sports competitions among different departments and videos. The employees’ interest in the type of sport needs to be determined. Different sport managers or sport committees appointed for the different sports will be responsible to make known the different events, coordinate training sessions and events, and draw up annual budgets. Various sports facilities need to be established. The findings should contribute valuable new knowledge on the process model to implement organisational team sport in an organisation.

Key words: Organisational team sport for employees; Implementation process model; Communication; Productivity


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print ISSN: 0379-9069