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Physical and Motor Performance Predictors of Lower Body Explosive Power (LBEP) among Adolescents in the North-West Province: PAHL Study

C Pienaar, A Kruger, AMA Monyeki, KN van der Walt


The aim of this study was to develop a lower body explosive power (LBEP) prediction model from various physical and motor performance components among a cohort of male and female adolescents living in the Tlokwe local municipality of the North-West Province. A cross-sectional experimental research design was employed with 214 15-year-old adolescents (88 males; 126 females; mean age: 15.8±0.68 years), from six schools, two from the Potchefstroom city area and four from the Ikageng area. They were measured over a 7-day period. Informed consent and demographic questionnaires were completed followed by seven physical and 14 motor performance tests. Regression analyses indicated that gender and 10m-speed formed a significant component-derived prediction model for LBEP values in 15-year-old adolescents, with gender contributing 39% (R2=0.39) and 10m-speed contributing 7% (R2=0.07). Results show that 46% (R2=0.46) of the LBEP can be predicted by speed and gender components of adolescents. Variables other than physical and motor performance components contributed 54% to LBEP prediction in adolescents. The results could be used to identify adolescents who show potential to excel in LBEP performance driven sport.

Keywords: Explosive Power, Motor and Physical Performance, Prediction Model, Adolescents, Gender

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