Satisfaction of Spanish High School students with physical education: gender, age, physical activity level and body type

  • Jose E. Moral-García
  • Alberto Ruiz-Ariza
  • Alberto Grao-Cruces
  • Manuel J. De La Torre-Cruz
  • Emilio J. Martínez-López
Keywords: Satisfaction, Physical education, Teenagers, Obesity.


The aim was to examine the degree of satisfaction with Physical Education (PE) of Spanish teenagers and to determine whether there are differences according to gender, age, physical activity or body type. A total of 2293, 12–16 year-old adolescents participated in this cross-sectional study. The data collection instruments were the School Questionnaire and the Adolescent Physical Activity Measure (MVPA).  Participants were categorised as normal-weight or overweight (including obese).  Results showed that 62% of participants reported a high level of liking for PE and 69.2% showed high enjoyment levels. Girls and younger students showed higher  satisfaction with PE. Being overweight had a more negative impact on PE satisfaction than physical inactivity itself. Normal-weight teenagers were more widely accepted than their overweight classmates in PE lessons. Physically inactive normal-weight boys and girls were more likely to perceive that teachers had a favourable opinion of them than their physically active overweight classmates.

Keywords: Satisfaction; Physical education; Teenagers; Obesity.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0379-9069