Adaptation to physical activities by international students at a Russian University

  • Dmitrii Tumakov
  • Elena Fazleeva
  • Roald Akberov
  • Alsu Valeeva
Keywords: Physical Education, Sport, International students, Adaptation


The problem of adaptation by international students to studying at a Russian university was addressed. The conditions under which the physical education and physical activity classes at the University exert influence on adaptation of first-year international students were examined. The dynamics of the adaptation potential of first-year international students experiencing different types of motor activity while studying at a Russian university was investigated. The initial psycho-emotional state, physical and functional fitness of the international students before Semester 1 were measured and compared to those of first-year Russian students. It was concluded that initial adaptation reserves of the first-year international students were lower than those of the first-year Russian students. The international students were divided into four groups based on the level of their physical activity. It was found that the international students attending only mandatory physical education classes could adapt to a new cultural environment within one academic year, whereas the international students attending additional non-mandatory classes or sports clubs could accelerate their adaptation by half.

Keywords: Physical Education; Sport; International students; Adaptation.


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print ISSN: 0379-9069