Adenocarcinoma in a retrorectal cytstic hamartoma: A case report and literature review

  • A Rogers
  • E Simpson
  • A Atherstone


Retrorectal cystic hamartomas are rare congenital lesions derived from the vestigial portion of the embryonic hindgut. These lesions present in a vague manner and so mimic the presentation of more common mass lesions in the pelvic region. They most frequently afflict middle-aged women, causing vague pelvic pains, discomfort with defaecation or sitting, and altered bowel function. Malignant transformation within these lesions is extremely rare. We describe a case of adenocarcinoma within a retrorectal cystic hamartoma, initially manifesting in a 54-year-old woman and recurring over a 5-year period. A computed tomography (CT) scan and pathology reports are included in the study, and findings at operations are discussed. We also include a comprehensive review of the literature.

South African Journal of Surgery Vol. 45 (4) 2007: pp. 148-150

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2078-5151
print ISSN: 0038-2361