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Case Report: Burkitt’s lymphoma patients in Northwest Cameroon have a lower incidence of sickle cell trait (Hb AS) than healthy controls

PB Hesseling, DT Jam, DD Palmer, P Wharin, GS Tuh, R Bardin, M Kidd


Contradictory findings have been reported from Africa with regard to the risk of  developing Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL) in sickle cell trait (AS) carriers. Haemoglobin electrophoresis was performed in 78 BL patients in the Northwest region of Cameroon, and in 78 nearest-neighbour controls of the same age, sex and tribe from the same village. AS was confirmed in 4 of 78 (5.13%) BL patients and in 11 of 78 (14.10%) controls (χ2, p=0.052; Fisher’s exact, one-tailed, p=0.050). Sickle cell trait carriers had a marginal statistically reduced risk of developing BL.
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