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Residual allergenicity of amino acid-based and extensively hydrolysed cow’s milk formulas

M.E. Levin
D.M. Blackhurst
F Kirstein
D Kok
G.F. van der Watt
A.D. Marais


Background. Criteria for labelling infant feeds as suitable for the dietary management of cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) rely on proving the hypoallergenicity of such feeds or clinical studies showing that the feeds are tolerated by 90% of children with proven CMPA. South African (SA) labelling legislation does not indicate what testing is necessary to prove hypoallergenicity.

Objectives. To evaluate all extensively hydrolysed cow’s milk formulas and amino acid-based formulas available in SA for residual allergen content, protein size and amino-acid content.

Results. All amino-acid and extensively hydrolysed formulas were found to be similar in composition, with no residual cow’s milk allergens detectable by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Furthermore, proteins were absent and only small molecules in the size range of amino acids and possibly of very small oligopeptides were detected.

Conclusions. These findings indicate that the formulas are extremely likely to be compliant with the definition of hypoallergenicity as tolerance in 90% of proven sufferers from cow’s milk allergy. The formulas may therefore be labelled as suitable for the dietary management of infants with CMPA.