Book Reviews

  • Claudia Naidu


Book Review 1

Book Title: Anxiety. Its components, development and treatment

Book Author: S. Lesse

Pp. xi + 225. $9.75. New York and London: Grune & Stratton. 1971

Book Review 2

Book Title: Television Ophthalmoscopy. Instrumentasie en mediese aanwending

Book Author: R.L. Dallow

Pp. xiii + 104. Geillustreerd. $8.50. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. 1970.

Book Review 3

Book Title: Vital Interference and Interferon

Book Author: R.D. Andrews

Pp. vii + 90. Illustrated. £1.05. London: William Heinemann Medical Books. 1970.

Book Review 4

Book Title: The Schizophrenic Syndrome

Book Authors: L Bellak & L Loeb (Eds.)

Pp. vii + 879. $24.76. New York and London: Grune & Stratton. 1970.

Book Review 5

Book Title: Prosthetic Heart Valves

Book Author: L.A. Brewer

Geïllustreerd. $12.50. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. 1969.

Book Review 6

Book Title:  The Haemostatic Mechanism in Man and Other Animals. Proceedings of a symposium held at the Zoological Society of London, December 1969.

Book Author: R.G. MacFarlane (Ed.)

Pp xiv + 248. Illustrated. £4.50. London and New York: Academic Press. 1970


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