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Die belang van lisosiem (muramidase) hematologiese studies

J.G. Steytler


Markedly increased quantities of lysozyme (muramidase) are found in the serum of cases of monocytic, myelocytic and myelomonocytic leukaemia while reduced levels are found in lymphocytic leukaemia. Increased activity is also found in serum of patients with tuberculosis, pyelonephritis and sarcoidosis. The enzyme apparently is physicochemically identical to the lysozyme of normal tears, leucocytes and serum but structurally different from the lysozyme of hen's egg white. The Iysoplate technique with M. lysodeikticus suspended in buffered agar gel represents a simplified micro-method for assaying human iysozyme. Present evidence indicates that lysozyme is the principal, if not the sole product of proliferating monocytes in monomyelocytic leukaemia and that serial determinations should be a useful routine diagnostic procedure in leukaemia.

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