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Evaluation of Native Fungal Isolates of Metrahizium anisopliae Var. Acridum and Beauveria bassiana against the Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (L) (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) in Ethiopia

H. Namusana, E Seyoum


The greater wax moth (gwm) is a widely distributed and devastating insect pest to honey production sector in Ethiopia. The present study investigated the potential of native fungal isolates against gwm and assessed the non-target effect of one isolate of Beauveria (iita 18) and five isolates of Metarhizium (imi 330189, dlco-AA83, dlco-AA 109, dlco-aa5, dlco-aa14) by inoculating Ethiopian honeybee race, Apis mellifera bandasii. The effects of these six fungal isolates were evaluated in the laboratory for their pathogenicity to adult greater wax moths. Adult gwms were found to be susceptible to all isolates and concentrations used. Greater than 90% adult greater wax moth (gwm) mortality was achieved 13 days post-inoculation. The on host specificity test of Metarhizium and the Beauveria isolates on Apis melifera bandasii also showed no significant effects on honey bees. No significant effects (P> 0.05) of mycosis on adult emergence from last larval instar gwms inoculated by different spore concentrations ( 2x104 , 2x105 , 2x106 , 2x107 conidia /ml) before entering into pupation.

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