Knowledge and awareness of Tuberculosis among Students of University of Kassala, Sudan

  • FA Khalid
  • AA Mohammed


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem worldwide, as one third of the world population is infected with M. tuberculosis. It is still a major cause of morbidity and mortality and a major public health concern in Sudan.
Objectives: to determine the awareness and knowledge of tuberculosis among students.
Methods: Cross- sectional study was conducted among 395 students from different faculties of University of Kasasala. Self-administered pretested questionnaire was used to collect data.
Results: A total of 395 students responded to the questionnaire, 185(46.8%) were male and 210 (53.2%) were female. The overall view of the study is the poor knowledge of TB regarding the infectious agent 107(27.1%), Curability 58(14.7%), the period of treatment 58(14.7%) preventive measure and BCG as TB vaccine 64(16.2%). However, they were knowledgeable about the communicability 364(92.2%). Moreover the students were unaware of mode of transmission (91.2%) and the symptoms of TB (94.7%). Students understood that cough more than three weeks is the signs of TB 228(57.7%) and it is the route of transmission 320(81.0%).
Conclusion: The findings highlighted poor knowledge and lack of awareness among students regarding the important aspects of TB. So intensive health education programs are required and included in the curriculum of faculties so as to contribute in the development of the community.

Key words: Knowledge, awareness, Tuberculosis


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eISSN: 1858-5051