Role of Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of Thoracic Lesions

  • M Elameen
  • A Gabir
  • M Mohammad
  • A Ahmed
  • K Ashkoub
  • A Bashir


Objective: This prospective study is to evaluate and enhance the role of ultrasound in biopsy guidance of thoracic lesions.
Methods: 55 patients were subjected for fine needle aspiration (FNA) and/or core needle biopsy (CNB) from peripheral chest lesions in Ribat University Hospital during the period from April 2011 and October 2012. Samples were analyzed and results were processed by the pathologist.
Results: 81 biopsies were successfully taken from 51 (92.7%) patients, while failed in 4 (7.3%). 41 (50.6%) of the biopsies were taken using FNA and 26 (32.1%) by CNB, while 14 (17.3%) of the samples were aspirations from loculated pleural effusions. The diagnostic yield was 96.2% for CNB, 92.7% for FNA and 95.7% when both of them were taken. The mean duration of the procedures was 20.6 minutes. Immediate complications occurred in three patients, mild hemoptysis in two and chest pain in one.
Conclusion: The results showed that US guided biopsies of intrathoracic lesions is safe, quick and the least expensive imaging guided biopsy. The procedure accuracy in obtaining sample is very high. Training chest physician on US will enable them to takeactive part in patient management and hence cut short waiting time for the procedure and the result, which will free the radiologist for more complex interventional procedures.

Key words: fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsies, Ribat University Hospital, Sudan.


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eISSN: 1858-5051