Lipoproetin pattern in patients with chronic renal failure and those who had renal transplantation

  • Fathia Hassan Mubarak
  • Mohammed H Balila
  • Babikir A Mohammed


Background: Vascular disease is common in patients with chronic renal failure as well as in patients with renal transplantation. It is a common cause of death in these patients. One possible factor for this increased incidence of vascular disease is hyperlipidaemia that frequently occurs in these patients.

Purpose: To determine the lipoprotein pattern in patients with chronic renal failure and patients who had renal transplantation in our community.

Methods: 78 patients, age ranging between 10-75 years (mean value of 42.7) were studied. They were 21 pre-dialysis patients, 42 dialyzed patients (20 peritoneal dialysis and 22 Haemodialysis), and 15 patients following renal transplantation. Fasting blood Cholesterol, triglyceride, high and low density lipoprotein (HDL and LDL) were determined.

Results: 2 patients of the pre-dialysis group had high cholesterol levels, while 6 patients had high triglyceride levels and 7 patients had high serum HDL levels. Only 9 patients had ischaemic changes on E.C.Gs. 3(7.3%) patients on dialysis group had high cholesterol levels, 11.9% had high triglyceride levels. 24 patients of the dialysis group had ischaemic changes in E.C.G. 7 transplant patients had high serum triglyceride levels and only two have elevated LDL.

Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences Vol. 1(1) 2006: 37-40

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1858-5051