Prevalence of Neurological Manifestations of Lung Cancer among Adult Sudanese Patients

  • A Hussein
  • MOH Gadour
  • YO Ali
  • A Sidig


The objective: is to study the prevalence of neurological manifestations among adults Sudanese patients with lung cancer seen in the Radiation and Isotope Centre in Khartoum.
Methods: This is a prospective cross sectional hospital based study, conducted at Radiation and Isotope Centre in Khartoum. Sample of 52 adults Sudanese patients with lung cancer were included in the study. The period of the study was from February 2006 to July 2006. Data were collected by self administered questionnaire; this was constructed in sections to address the different aspects of the study as follows: personal data, presentation, physical examination, and investigations.
The results: showed that 41 patients were males. Most of the patients were above 50 years of age. Fifty percent of our patients’ were from Khartoum state. All of our patients had chest findings except one. The most common symptoms observed were of cranial nerves involvement, headache, limb weakness, numbness, and sphincteric disturbance. More than half of the patients were smokers. Other extrapulmonary manifestations noticed include: clubbing, lymph node enlargement, bone metastasis or fracture, gynaecomastia, superior vena cava obstruction, hepatomegaly, and ascites. Chest X-ray abnormalities showed pleural effusion, consolidation, hilar lymphadenopthy, collapsed lung, and fibrosis in the majority of patients. Most of our patients had adenocarcinoma, followed by squamous cell carcinoma, poorly differentiated carcinoma, and small cell carcinoma.
Conclusion: The common neurological manifestations of lung cancer were found to be cranial nerves palsies, followed by lower limbs weakness, numbness, and sphincteric disturbances.

Key words: Cerebellar, numbness, neuropathy, convulsion.


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eISSN: 1858-5051