Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research

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Causes of Bone Injuries and Patronage of Traditional Bone Setters in Maiduguri, Nigeria

BU Ngohi, U Aliyu, UN Jibril, A Lawal, MB Ngohi


The study as an opinion survey identified Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), falling from height and gunshots/matchets as the causes of bone injuries in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Injuries sustained include fracture and dislocation. Structured Interview Schedule (SIS) and Focused Group Discussion (FGD) were the instruments used to obtain data. Population of study comprised of those involved in bone injuries between January and December, 2008. The sample size of 700 respondents was selected using stratified random sampling technique. Frequency distribution and percentages were employed to analyze data. Findings of the study revealed parents/families, relatives and friends as some of the sources of decision to patronize Traditional Bone Setting (TBS) while culture, phobia for hospitalization, no amputation and less expensive were some of the reasons adduced for patronage. Based on the findings, enactment of stringent laws/bye-laws or re-enforcement of existing ones (if any), counselling and enlightenment were suggested/recommended.

Keywords: Bone, Causes, Decision, Injury, Patronage, Reasons.
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