Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

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Religion’s relationship with social boundaries surrounding gender

S E Osim


This paper examines the religious persuasion on the social boundaries surrounding gender. Gender has been a contentious issue that is associated with segregation, marginalization and differentiation between men and women. In the light of this, scholars' views on the subject matter were considered. Thus, this indicates that in spite of the fact that some women by virtue of their ability are qualified for a particular position, would be denied by reason of gender dichotomy. Also the impetus given to the social boundaries by religion as alleged by the scripture (Bible) aggravates the situation. It is therefore the submission of the paper that the persistence of religion's consolidation on the social boundaries surrounding gender is as a result of the inability to separate culture from religion. The recommendation therefore is that although roles differentiation are necessary in the society it should not be mistaken for gender inequality.

Key Words: Religion, Social Boundaries, Gender, Christianity, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Inequality

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