Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

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Moral education and Nigeria's development

Odumayak Okpo


The purpose of this paper is to show that the first step towards development, in a nation like Nigeria, is the overall development of the citizen who is expected to be the precursor of transformation and change; the citizen‘s moral development is the gateway to national development. Speculative method of philosophy is employed to achieve the purpose of this paper. The progressive decline of moral values could be said to be responsible for the increasing rate of social vices in Nigeria. The present situation of Nigeria where graft and corruption have become an accepted way of life for many is one of the major impediments to her development as a nation. It is the position of this paper, that the recurring problems of corruption and underdevelopment in Nigeria will remain unabated without a strong recourse to moral education.

Keyword: Moral Education; Development, Corruption; Values; Citizens

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