Classist proofs that “Philosophia” is Hebrew not Greek

  • Charles Ogundu Nnaji
Keywords: Classist, Proofs, Philosophia, Hebrew, Greek.


Primarily, the study presents the Hebrew origins of ―Philosophia‖ by using the classist textual etymological analytical methodology of classist-Semitic Hebrew Old Testament words which produced the word ―Philosophia‖ from the Danielian (Daniel 4:9) ―Aphilashaphir‖ (i.e. the extraordinary, chief priest or chief magician who finds out things through magic or the extraordinary) then the ‗Shaphatian‘ ―Niphilaosophru‖ i.e. extraordinary-wonder teachings of ancient leaders ; Jugdes 6:13: then job 5:9 ―Niphilaosapher‖ (i.e. numbers that cannot be counted or explained). The study‘s hypothesis states (1)HO: that all the above Hebrew old Testament words entered Greek from around 300-250BC when the Hebrew-Aramaic Old Testament was translated to Greek in Ptolemaic-Egypt (2) Ho: that clearly, this proves that Pythagoras (a) Either did not coin the word ―philosophia‖ or (b) that he got the word philosophia from the Asia-minor (Ionian-Jews; Joel 3:5-6,they carried the Jewish, my finest ―Casophi‖ = silver, of the Jews to the Greeks called Gentiles (―phalasu‖ or ―phalasapha‖) Arabic ―falsafa = English ―falsify‖ i.e. liars ( see Titus 1:12-13: Hos 7:1 ―phalasaphaqer‖) and Isaiah 2:6 ―Philisophiqu‖ i.e. liars and pagans who claim wisdom that are phalasu, i.e. earthly (see James 3:13-17). Our Research finding is that Anti-Semitism has falsified many Jewish and Hebrew origins of many current English words often wrongly attributed to Greek, Latin and French etc, which those European languages got from Hebrew through the Septuaginta Lxx (250BC) and the Damasian-Jeromian Catholic–Vulgata of 405CE. The Research recommends that our dictionaries of current English should give us true etymological (i.e. origins)and true meanings of current English words, e.g, the Hebrew ―Philu‖ (i.e. find out by casting lots) with the ―Shaphan‖, Exd 28;18, ‗Nepheq-Sapphire‘, Ezekiel 8:11(1-12) or ―Sophi‖ (i.e. Greek ―P-sephon‖) or magic-stones transliterated from Aramaic-Hebrew in Rev 13:18, to ― figure out, calculate or balloting‖, form units in the Semitic etymologia which gave us the ― Philosophers‘ (magic) stones‖.

Keywords: Classist, Proofs, Philosophia, Hebrew, Greek.


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