The common good and political stability in Nigeria: philosophical reflections

  • Godwin Okaneme
Keywords: Common Good, Political Stability, Nigeria, Philosophy, Well-Being, Governance


Issues that concern the generality of citizens all over the world have been of immense concern to various governments and nations of the world. Indeed, they are of paramount importance. The state exists and continues to be in existence for the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens. There is stability in a state when the citizens are happy and progressive in all their endeavours. The philosophy of the common good which stresses the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens of every state has gained currency over the years. Its emphasis is on the wellbeing of the generality of the citizens in a state as opposed to the happiness of a few citizens in the state. The Nigerian state since independence till date cannot be said to have promoted the cause of the common good theory hence the lack of political stability and absence of good governance. This paper believes that the citizens of the country do not actually understand the composition, essence and operations of the state and therefore will find it difficult to understand their actual roles in the state. The paper stresses the needs for political education to enable the citizens know exactly their expected roles in the state. This is so because it is the citizens who go on to become politicians and political leaders hence good citizens go on to become good leaders and bad citizens equally go on to become bad leaders as well hence the dire need for an attitudinal change to issues concerning generality of the citizens of the state.

Keywords: Common Good, Political Stability, Nigeria, Philosophy, Well-Being, Governance


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