Inadequate human/character formation as a bedrock of societal disorder: a critical discourse

  • J. Chidozie Chukwuokolo
Keywords: Human; Character Formation; Societal; Disorder; Transformation


In this paper, we argue that the concept of the human person can be explained from a descriptive and normative perspective and these conceptions aid the formation of the human person as both meanings help in the quest to achieve adequate and proper grooming of the person requisite for the establishment of a good human community. It further proffers a perspective on how to improve human values for better societies through effective application of those communal values (virtues) in the lives of our young ones by eliminating or transforming the demented acts of corruption from our socio-political and economic lives. This means that we can only achieve corporate personality from our modern individualistic society if we can eschew individualistic orientations and embrace communal lifestyle with its rich communal ethos of interdependence, synergy, cooperation, mutual aids, mutual confidence, belongingness which have implications for an adequate formation of the human being requisite for an orderly society. With this in mind we should help to groom our young ones through communal virtues and the concrete concept of a person inherent in our African thought system as such thoughts are very essential at this moment where the society is experiencing disorderliness in all spheres of the societal life to equip us with the proper norms and values that are to be internalized for the attainment of social order in human community which our communities in the 21st century are missing.

Keywords: Human; Character Formation; Societal; Disorder; Transformation


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eISSN: 1119-443X