Christian Muslim conflict in Nigeria: An appraisal

  • Kenneth Sunday
  • Kwanchi Iliya Enock
  • Joseph Umar Bibinu
Keywords: Conflict, Christian, Muslim, Appraisal, Nigeria.


Nigeria as a whole is bedeviled with a lot of social vices and different kind of atrocities such as killings of fellow humans, bribery and corruption, drug abuse and addiction, stealing and robbery, human trafficking and a host of others. All have bedeviled our dear nation and the world at large. The hearts are not pure as such there is a frequency of Religious conflicts which have claimed the lives of innocent citizens and properties worth millions of naira. It is unfortunate that despite all the efforts by Religious and individual organizations in Nigeria through religious dialogue, peace has remained a mirage. On a good day religion that is supposed to be an arena of peaceful relations unfortunately turns out to be the platform many often use to mastermind evil. In Nigeria the adherents of Christianity and Islam with the various sects within them have clashed over situational supremacy and power tussle. This paper aims at examining conflicts among the Christians and Muslims which is a challenge to the Nigerian society, unemployment, poverty, commercialization of the conflicts are the root courses of the interfaith conflicts among the Abrahamic faith and that have led to the destruction of lives and properties. The paper shall employ descriptive methods in carrying out the research. We must transcend religious difference and relate harmoniously with each other as fellow humans beings, as the situation has not reached the hopeless and fatal stage. For if we are looking forward to building a great nation that will impact the world, then we must live in a nation that is devoid of any form of ethno-religious conflict and if that is achieved there will be no loss of lives and property, and our political arena will also be devoid of politics of religion, elections will only be based on capability.


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eISSN: 1119-443X