A critical examination of identity theory as a solution to the mind-body problem

  • GE Idang


The question of the human ‘mind' and its relation with the ‘body' has remained a controversial issue in philosophy and other disciplines of study. Several theories such as Interactionism, Epiphenomenalism, Parallelism and so on, have been offered on the mind-body relationship. The IDENTITY THEORY which this paper seeks to critically examine is one of such theories offered as a solution to the mind-body problem. Identity theory is a physicalist philosophy of the mind. According to this theory, the so-called mental phenomena are all physical phenomena within the human brain and nervous system. In other words, mind-states are brain states. What this means is that when one talks of a person's beliefs, thoughts, hopes, ideas and so on, one is in fact referring to events and processes and states within the human brain and nervous system.

Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy Vol. 8(1) 2005: 23-27




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eISSN: 1119-443X