Towards curbing indiscipline in schools

  • FA Fan
  • MI Edu
  • FE Igbo
  • GO Asu-Ojua


Discipline concerns the manner in which the individual abides by the rules and regulations or laws and orders of the society whether such rules, laws, regulations or orders are pleasant or unpleasant. It involves the maintenance of the quality of atmosphere necessary for the attainment of the organizational goals. Indiscipline behaviour is any act that has the potential of offending the accepted rules of conduct. The source of indiscipline is the interaction between the contents of personality and the forces of the environment outside the person. The indisciplined individual is a person whose conscience is too weak to impose order on his personal instinctive drive. Disciplining such a person in an enduring manner is in helping him build up a strong conscience that would always withstand the urge to misbehave. Enforcing discipline involves instructing, teaching or conditioning the person to change from manifesting undesirable behaviour to manifesting desirable ones. To discipline a person, focus should be on both the person and the environment. The paper strongly recommends the use of effective rules and regulations and the building of sound moral education among students.

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