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Sediment transport study in Zeddine wadi and Harreza wadi

Farida Bouras, Yassine Djebbar, Lakhdar Djemili


This work is essentially based on a comparative study of the solid suspension transport modeling of two neighboring Zeddine and Harreza sub-watersheds, both of which belong to the Haut Cheliff watershed. The first part consists of a statistical modeling which aims to study the responses of both watersheds to liquid and solid flows in order to develop a specific model for each watershed, to assess the volume of sediment transported and to determine the specific degradation. Water and sediment flow rates are generally related by a power model. The Zeddine basin carries an average specific solid load of around 3.12 ton / ha / year, while that of the Harreza basin is around 1.64 ton/ ha / year. In the second part, the Geographic Information System (GIS) developed in ArcGIS 10.3 was used to determine maps of areas vulnerable to erosion according to the universal USLE soil loss equation. The Zeddine basin has an average specific degradation of 5.28 ton / ha / year, while the Harreza basin has an average specific degradation of 2.94 ton / ha / year.

Keywords: Statistical modeling, Geographic Information System, Zeddine and Harreza watersheds, Specific degradation

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