Bladder calculi presenting as urinary incontinence mimicking obstetric urinary fistula: a case report

  • Rukiyat A. Abdus-salam
  • Jamiu A. Ogunsola
Keywords: bladder stone, bladder calculi, urinary incontinence


The presence of calculi in the urinary tract is usually a silent morbidity, which may present as an incidental finding on evaluation of the  genitourinary or renal tract for other pathologies. Failure to identify this early is associated with more grievous effects on the function of the renal system, especially the kidneys. Bladder calculi may be asymptomatic, but when symptomatic, may present with abdominal pains, urinary symptoms including haematuria or recurrent urinary tract infection. Urinary incontinence is an unusual symptom of bladder calculi. This case study describes a 25-year-old woman with bladder calculi presenting with leakage of urine following an antecedent history of a Caesarean section for prolonged obstructed labour, thus mimicking urinary obstetric fistula. She had appropriate evaluation and successful surgical removal of the bladder stone.

Keywords: bladder stone, bladder calculi, urinary incontinence


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