Silicon Bipolar Distributed Oscillator Design and Analysis

  • MO Aku
  • RS Imam
Keywords: Silicon, Oscillator, Bipolar, Design, Analysis


The design of high frequency silicon bipolar oscillator using common emitter (CE) with distributed output and analysis is carried out. The general condition for oscillation and the resulting analytical expressions for the frequency of oscillators were reviewed. Transmission line design was carried out using Butterworth LC filters in which the normalised values Ln and Cn where used to obtain the actual values of the inductors and capacitors used; this largely determines the performance of distributed oscillators. The values of inductor and capacitors in the phase shift network are used in tuning the oscillator. The simulated results show that the oscillator operates at 26MHz, dissipating 15mW power. The result indicates that distributed amplification methodology is viable at high frequency.

Keywords: Silicon, Oscillator, Bipolar, Design, Analysis


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eISSN: 1597-6343