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Mineralogical and chemical analysis of ore resources in Nasarawa State for processing application

Ambo A.I.
Abubakar S.A.
Mohammed A.M
Alafara A.B.


Investigation of the geological, mineralogical and chemical content of some ore resources in Nasarawa state was carried out using XRD and XRF techniques. The data obtained suggest that the geology of the area is responsible for the deposits and chemical characteristics of the ore. The mineralogy indicated that the ore contained variable concentrations of minerals according to the nature of the ore type. The chemical analysis of the ore showed that baryte samples contained a very high concentration of (60.1-70.1%) as the major metal while the galena from adudu and Nasarawa Eggon contained Pb and Zn (41.2-86.8%), and (1.43-39.11%) as the predominant metals in recoverable quantities. XRD analysis of ore revealed the presence of some other metals that include; Ti, Cd, Mg, and Cu in the minerals in the form of (Ca2AlSiO4)(SiO7)(OH), Zn2AlSiO5(OH)4. A strong occurrence association of other minerals formed as a product of weathering of Zn was observed. Although the major gangue content is silicate, these associated metals could also be considered as gangue or waste based on the economy of mineral recovery. The recovery of the minerals through novel processing techniques will attract economic benefits to the state and country at large.