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Performance of broiler chickens fed on lima bean, groundnut and soybean diets

I Achi
M.A Adelanwa
A.B Ahmed


Experimental diets were formulated using lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus Linn) groundnut (Arachis hypogeae Linn) and soybean (Glacin max Linn) mixed in varying proportions to supply 23% crude protein (CP) for starter and 20% crude protein (CP) for finisher diets. Proximate analysis of the diets revealed a generally lower protein content than the calculated values. Among the 7 formulated diets, the soybean meal had the highest crude protein compared to others without it. While the energy given components of the experimental diets were higher, with groundnut meal diets recording the highest value, the crude ash and fibre content were lower than the control diet. The growth performance of 144 nine-day old broiler chickens fed on the experimental diets for 8 weeks were compared with control group fed commercial Guinea Feed. Birds consumed significantly less (P0.05) in terms of weight gain, feed conversion ratio and protein efficiency in the performance of birds fed on soybean diets compared to control diet. Weight gain between the birds fed with lima beans and groundnut diets was significantly different (P<0.05) compared to the control group.

Key words: Broiler chicken, Lima bean, Groundnut, Soybean, productivity, Nigeria

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