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Retrospective study of dog bite cases reported to ECWA Veterinary Clinic, Bukuru, Plateau state, Nigeria

SI Bata, A Dzikwi, DG Ayika


A retrospective study of dog bite cases reported to ECWA Veterinary Clinic Bukuru was carried out in Plateau State, Nigeria to understand the pattern of occurrence in this region. A total of two hundred and forty seven (247) dog bite cases were reported between May, 2009 and June, 2010. The dogs profile showed that 82.1% of the dogs involved had no history of anti-rabies vaccination, 12.6% had records of expired vaccination and only 5.3% had current vaccination. Based on clinical signs, 6.5% of the offending dogs were suspected to be rabid with 2.4% confirmed rabies positive based on laboratory analysis carried out in National Veterinary Research Institute Vom.
About 92.7% of the dogs were owned. Of the 50 (247) victims 33 (66%)
are less than 20 years old.

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