Preliminary Assessment of Variability in the Productivity and Limnology of a Homestead Pond on the Jos Plateau Over a Dry and Wet Season Transition Period.

  • EBC Ufodike
  • VN Arazu
  • ACO Onohworu.
Keywords: Limnology, Zooplankton, Variability


The biological physical and chemical characteristics of a homestead pond in Jos Plateau were studied over a wet/dry season transition period (July to October). Parameters studied include temperature, secchi disc transparency, pH, dissolved oxygen, free carbon dioxide, dissolved organic matter and zooplankton abundance. Between July, August, September and October, all the physico- chemical parameters varied significantly. Zooplankton was comparatively more abundant in the rainy months (July and August) than the dry months (September and October). The flagellates were the most abundant, approximately 69/ml in pond C, followed by Rotifera, 16/ml, sarcodines 12/ml and cladocerans, 9/mls. Pond A had 13/ml sarcodines, 7/ml copepods, and 1.22/ml nematodes. Although from the study, wet season supported more zooplankton, cladocerans and nematodes were present in the dry period..

Keywords: Limnology, Zooplankton, Variability

Tropical Freshwater Biology Vol. 17 (1) 2008: pp. 73-80

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eISSN: 0795-0101