Effect of abattoir wastes on the water quality of Aleto River in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

  • FE Egobueze
  • CMA Iwegbue
  • FO Arimoro
Keywords: Abattoir waste, Aleto River, water quality, water quality index


The effects of abattoir effluent on the water quality parameters, pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate (NO3), phosphate (PO4), sulphate (SO4), hardness, conductivity, faecal coliform and the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), of the receiving surface water of Aleto River in River State (Niger Delta, Nigeria) was monitored monthly from February to June 2007. The NO3, PO4 and SO4 contents were higher in the downstream than that of the upstream of the outfall points of abattoir effluent, of the river. The quality of Aleto River water was assessed using the National Science Foundation water quality indices. Most of the water sampled during the study period fell in the medium water quality range. Few samples mainly mid reaches fell in the good quality range while WQI index reflect the overall quality parameter of the based on all the parameter, exceptionally low BOD values of the water samples facilitated their classification. The water quality in station 1 deteriorated mainly due to discharges from the abattoir.

Key words: Abattoir waste, Aleto River, water quality, water quality index


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eISSN: 0795-0101