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Performance Evaluation and HaematologicalParameters of West African Dwarf Goats Fed Diet Containing Graded Level of Raw and Fermented Malted Sorghum Sprout.

A. A. Saka, O. S. Sowande, O. A. Oni, O. O. Adewumi, F. O. Ogunleke, O. G. Sodipe


Malted Sorghum Sprout (MSP) is a byproduct of sorghum malting process which has attracted great interest as an alternative feedstuff in the ruminant feeding. The study evaluated the performance characteristics of West African Dwarf (WAD) goats fed diets containing graded levels of raw and fermented MSP (RMSP and FMSP) incorporated into the concentrate diet at 0%, 25% and 50% respectively to formulate six experimental diets. A total of twenty four WAD goats were randomly allotted to six dietary treatments for 12 weeksusing 2×3 factorial layout in completely randomized design of four (4) buck per treatment. Data were collected on growth performance. Results showed that main effect of processing methods significantly (p<0.05) influenced the feed intake and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Significant (p<0.05) interaction effect were obtained in average daily weight gain (ADWG, g/day), metabolic weight gain (g/day W0.75), total dry matter intake (g/day) and FCR. Animals fed diet containing 50% FMSP recorded the highest ADWG (30.51g/day) and the best FCR (7.89). The MSP inclusion levels significantly (p<0.05) influenced white blood cell count (WBC), lymphocytes, monocytes, basophil and mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration across the dietary treatments. The monocytes and eosinophil counts were significantly (p<0.05) influenced by the processing methods. Animal fed FMSP based diet recorded higher monocytes (2.17%) and eosinophil (3.00%) compared to those on other diets. Interaction effect of the processing methods and MSP inclusion level significantly (p<0.05) influenced all the haematological parameters except the neutrophil and mean corpuscular haemoglobin. WBC increased significantly (p<0.05) across the dietary treatments (14.10-21.60× 03/l) and were at normal levels expected of healthy goats. The study concluded that fermented malted sorghum sprout could be used up to 50% in WAD goats' diet without any adverse effect on the performance of the animals.

Keywords: Malted Sorghum Sprout, Fermentation, Performance and Haematology

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